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A teletherapy option for the college student

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We are pleased to welcome you to Campustherapy.com! What you are about to do takes courage, a lot of courage. However, that courage is exactly what is needed to put you back on your path to wellness.

Please read this page fully before you begin. There are several forms to be completed before your appointment so we can lessen the administrative time and make the best use of your time. This is a one-time set up process.


Click to Research Your Provider, or we will match you up instead. You can chat below or call us at 440-392-2222, Option 1 for help.

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Accepted Insurances

Please understand that this is not a free service. You can review the Insurance Companies we accept. Copays will be due at the time of service.

Insurances we Accept

Video Tutorial

Please watch the video tutorial for assistance with the initial intake process.

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Scheduling your First Appointment

Once you have reviewed our providers and insurances we accept, you can register, schedule your first appointment, and complete the intake forms. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below or watch the tutorial video.

Step 1 - Register and Set up an Appointment

  1. Review and choose your provider by clicking HERE.

  2. Begin the registration process by clicking HERE. Please have a picture of your valid ID and insurance card ready to upload.

  3. In Find Your Therapist: “By Name” Box, type your therapists last name

  4. Click on the corresponding name

  5. Click on “Haven’t seen your therapist before?" Register as a New Patient/Client. If you have difficulty, please chat below or call us for assistance.

Step 2 - Completing your Intake Forms

There are three additional forms to complete prior to your first appointment. Please complete and submit the following forms within 24 hours of your appointment or as soon as possible so we can review prior to your first appointment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

  1. Complete “All Relevant Information” and “Submit To Your Therapist”. Note* All submitted information is kept confidential. Please fill out the Biographical Information by clicking “Complete Form Now” when asked.

    **Important** Since several of our clinicians see clients face-to-face as well, please place a capital “OO” (Online Only) before your first name in the ‘Nickname’ box, so we know if this is an online appointment or not.

  2. Set your appointment by following the prompts once you have submitted this form. (Once you have finished this portion, you can schedule your own appointments with your login and password.)

  3. Complete Patient Information Form (to authorize therapy)

  4. Complete Self Reported Patient Information Form

  5. Complete Credit Card Information Form

Step 3 - Preparing for your First Session

For online sessions, please have ear buds or headphones available to ensure privacy.